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Crédito Mujer
Crédito Comerciante
Crédito Individual
Crédito Mejora Tu Casa
Crédito Mujer (Woman Credit)
This credit is granted to women individually, in groups from 10 to 50 women to invest in their businesses or economic activities.
Call this toll-free number for more information:
• 01 800 220 9000
Type of clients:

Clients per Group:
10 to 50 people.

Solidarity (by the same members of the group)

From $2,500 up to $30,000 per person.

16 weeks.

Payment frequency:

Additional benefits:

• Debt cancelation of outstanding credit if the client dies.
• Crédito Adicional (Additional Credit) granted simultaneously to Crédito Mujer.
• Access to Crédito Mejora tu Casa from the third cycle of Crédito Mujer.
• Protect you with a Basic Life Insurance for $ 10,000 pesos on death and “Helpline” medical, legal and Education totally free, and network of medical and educational discounts.
• Possibility of extending your  insured amount up to $105,000 pesos additional  to your Basic Life Insurance in a little payments with your credit.

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Blanca Rosa Elvira Gamboa Montoya

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Commissions, APR and CAT

More information
What do I have to do to obtain a Crédito Mujer (Women Credit)?
Official ID.
Address proof with up to 3 months old.

Where can I pay?

The payment can be done in any Bank or establishments authorized by Compartamos Banco.


You can pay in Chedraui, find out the closest to you click here.

What are the requirements to obtain a Crédito Adicional?
•  Official Id.
•  To have an active Crédito Mujer credit equal or greater to $2,500.
•  To have at least one Crédito Mujer cycle finished.
•  To have an excellent payment behavior.
•  To have a credit guarantor with an active Crédito Mujer within the same Crédito Mujer Group. 

Important Information

• Failing your obligations can generate fees and default interest.
• Obtaining credits above your ability to pay may affect your credit history.
• The guarantor, joint guarantee or principal co-creditor will respond as principal joint debtor to the financial institution.
• You can check the commissions and the APR on page / comisionesycat